Circle of Life:
Kathy’s Peril

A follow-on story from the novel 'Circle of Life: 2115'. It is set in the same location as that novel.

The year is now 2116, Kathy and her husband, Jason, have recently returned to carry on their research.

The story is centered around Kathy Carter and her apparent inability to stay out of trouble. Wherever she goes misfortune—or is it serendipity—follows.

Curse and Salvation

First contact between space-faring species is always problematic and risky. It is easily prone to mistakes and misunderstanding.

In the worse case scenario, fist contact leads to war. This is one of those cases.

The difference here is that war is not a mistake.

Anomalies In The Data

Ever wonder about the universe and how it came to be?

Ever wonder if perhaps there might be more than one universe?

This short story, invokes contemplation of such questions.

While you may not find within its content the answers you seek, you might just find a thought provoking scenario that could possibly explain all.